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Being a tenant, our HOME789 management team will try their best to provide efficient services for all of our valued clients. Once your application has been approved by the property manager and the holding deposit paid, the legal procedure of the contract shall be effective immediately. Useful information has been provided below.  



Prior to signing a tenancy agreement, property management will provide you with a copy of a new tenant checklist. The checklist contains important information and should be read carefully. When the tenants sign a tenancy agreement, you must read the contract thoroughly. The tenants must also be aware of their rights and responsibilities, HOME789 is more than happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the lease agreement.

You shall be provided with:

  • Copy of your tenancy agreement

  • Copy of the condition report

  • Keys and security devices for the premises

You will be required to pay:

  • 4 weeks rent as the rental bond will be lodged with Fair Trading

  • 2 weeks rent in advance



During the tenancy, the owner or management agent is only allowed to enter the premises at specified times. Our property management team will always provide the tenant with sufficient notice in advance, except in a rare case of emergency.



The landlord is obliged to keep the premises in a reasonable state of repair. If the tenant requires a repair, they are advised to send their property manager an email immediately with the attached photos and a clear explanation, brand and model if it is an appliance model. This effective method will speed up the repair process.



If you would like to end your tenancy, you are required to provide formal written notice to our property management:

  • At least 14 days’ notice when your fixed term tenancy is due to run out

  • At least 21 days’ notice after your fixed term tenancy has ended



  1. Take photos of the premises when you first move in, focus on areas that damaged or unclean. E-mail this across to our property management team and keep a soft copy file with the date stamped.

  2. Keep a copy of your lease agreement, condition report, rental receipts, rental bond number and other relevant documents you sign during the lease period ( eg: key copy ).

  3. Do not stop paying the rent, even if the landlord does not complying with their side of the agreement (eg: by failing to do repairs).

  4. Keep a diary to record: events, repairs or payments processed etc. Recording dates and times of conversations followed by the person you spoke to and what was discussed are important. If the outcome resulted in repair which was required, put your request in writing to the property manager and keep a soft copy.

  5. If the property has a pool or garden, be clear about what the landlord or agent expects you to do to maintain it.

  6. Be attentive when signing documents regarding your tenancy, don’t let the agent rush you throughout this process. Be aware and do not sign a blank form, such as a claim for refund of bond.

  7. If you are happy in the residence you are leasing, when the lease ends consider asking for the lease to be renewed for another fixed term. This will remove the concern about being unexpectedly asked to vacate the residence, which also helps lock in the agreed rental payment for the extended period of time.

  8. For more in  detail information you may visit the Fair Trading website (http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/) Phone: 13 32 20 or visit a local Fair Trading Centre for further information about tenancy rights and responsibilities.



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