HOME789 Cup – China University Badminton League

HOME789 Cup – China University Badminton League

Congratulations to the final winner-Sun Yat-Sen University whether it’s a competition between the gold medal and the championship or a contest of skill and manifestation of teamwork, there are no opponent’s only friends which all share a strong passion for the game.

As the official exclusive sponsor of this competition, HOME789 strives to uphold the principle of giving back to society. 

HOME789 CEO Walton Chu, Chairman Shizhuang Fang, Consulate General Counselor Wenqi Niu kicks off the game. 56 universities and 290 athletes join together to participate in this exciting tournament. Renown badminton champions such as; Li Yongbo, Li Zongwei, Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan, Sun Yu and Yin. Dunoon provide their moral support to the players of the game.

A big congratulation goes towards Sun Yat-sen University who were awarded with medals for a game well played by HOME789 CEO Mr Walton Chu.

Following the awards, a lucky draw was held by HOME789 CEO Mr Walton Chu, some of the exciting prizes included; The Star buffet and Sydney tower buffet exclusive dining experiences followed by Westfield gift cards and other awards.

HOME789’s purpose is to take social responsibility to the next level by contributing and supporting communities, making a difference and fostering relationships.