Ministers Message:

The ‘Plan for Growing Sydney’ will guide planning and decisions for the next 20 years. Sydney is currently home to, 4.3 million residents. The core strategic goal is to cater to Sydney’s future population growth over the next 20 years.

Key targets such as building $61 billion worth of infrastructure/social infrastructure over the coming years, along with Improvements to public transport, freight routes and the city’s airports will benefit the city’s residents businesses and environment.

GOAL 1: Grow a more internationally competitive Sydney CBD

Light Rail will improve and decrease congestion, allowing easy access to north-south and east connections. Grand scale urban development will help revitalise Sydney’s blue ribbon attractions, followed by restoration towards our cities cultural heritage listed sites.

Parramatta, our second CBD will be reshaped in order to accommodate forecasted growth. Health, Education, Infrastructure and Transport will be a part of Parramatta’s transition and renewal.

GOAL 2: A city of housing choice, with homes that meet our needs and lifestyles

Providing more housing in variations is a key target, as the population grows along with pressurized demand. The Government is working to achieve an additional 664,000 new dwellings by 2031 thus increasing housing supply. Urban renewal is set to meet the demand for new housing in Sydney over the next 20 years. Urban renewal ventures will be supported by social infrastructure and transport.

The Parramatta Corridor and North West Corridor will provide vast employment opportunities and excellent global economic growth. The Anzac Parade Corridor will undergo local renewal and over go improvement missions in order to revitalise local neighbourhoods

GOAL 3: A great place to live with communities that are strong, healthy and well connected

The Government is working towards revitalising local communities all around NSW by providing more social infrastructure such as schools, health care and community services, and public transport. Revitalising suburbs will provide an opportunity to improve parks, civic squares and other public spaces. Enhancing promenades for strolling and leisure, while still delivering the transport functions.

GOAL 4: A sustainable and resilient city that protects the natural environment and has a balanced approach to the use of land and resources

Safeguard Sydney’s environment by adopting a balanced approach to the use of land and resources. In term Sydney will serve as a great place to live for future generations. As the city grows, functional urban design and planning will be more critical, in order to cater to the city’s built environment to be sustainable and energy efficient.

Components such as biodiversity certification will be a part of the strategy in order to enhance and protect the metropolitan and rural areas along with economic and social asset feasibility.

Urban planning will apply urban green cover technical guidelines and focus on managing some risks from natural hazards through to design, landscaping and emergency management in order to safeguard Sydney’s environment.

Source: NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment