789 Holdings Limited Scholarship Establishment

789 Holdings Limited Scholarship Establishment

HOME789 CEO Walton Chu set up scholarships for three schools in Taicang

20th October 2018

The first award ceremony was held in Taicang High School of Jiangsu Province. The attendees were Executive Chairman of Australia 789 Holdings Company and Executive Vice President of Suzhou Association of Australia, Mr. Walton Chu, the President of Sushang Association, the Communist Party of China, Shi Yanping, the Education Bureau principles, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office principles, the Overseas Chinese Federation and all related schools attended the ceremony.

The scholarship awards are “Most Potential Student Award” and the “Most Encouragement Teacher Award”, which provide nearly 100,000 yuan per year. "We will study hard, return to society when we grow up, and be a useful person in the future." The award-winning students said that in their speeches.