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HOME789 자선행사

HOME789 proudly supports the below organisations, we help raise money for such important causes with satisfying contributions. Some of the charities that HOME789 works with include:


Date: November 2015 

Sponsor: Corporate Sponsor 

Foundation: SEBA Sydney Executive Business Association Inc.

Event: Dinner Fundraiser

Description: HOME789 has attended a Dinner Fundraiser and proudly supported two charities - The Sydney University Nerve Research Foundation and Couples for Christ Australia (on behalf of the Hayag Orphanage in the Philippines who were victims of on the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan). The generosity of everyone on the day was ambient, helping raise close to $16,000 through both the auction and raffle sales. 



Date: November 2015 

Sponsor: Gold Sponsor 

Foundation: Chinaheart

Event: Property Launch Fundraiser

Description: ChinaHeart International supports children and workers in various orphanages and foster homes within China. They provide for the needs of orphans, young children and also young adults whose needs are often more urgent. With so many children, the need for care is great. HOME789 has donated a large sum of money towards the Chinaheart foundation. For every apartment which was sold on the South Village Kirrawee launch day, HOME789 contributes funds for each apartment sold.



Date: October 2015

Sponsor: Platinum Sponsorship

Foundation: Chinese Australian Services Society

Event: Dragon Charity Walk

Description: The “Dragon Charity Walk” aims to raise funds for the construction of CASS Residential Aged Care Facility in Campsie. The 63-bed residential facility will serve frail aged people of East Asian background, providing culturally and linguistically appropriate care and services. HOME789 members, as a platinum sponsor of this event, actively participated in the charity run as volunteers. Also, HOME789 has received various awards for continous support over the years. 



Date: October 2014

Sponsor: Premium Sponsorship

Foundation: Chinese Parents Association Children with Disabilities Inc.

Event: Fundraiser

Description: The Chinese Parents Association is a non-profit, non-religious, incorporated charities organization. CPA offers various kinds of educational programs and leisure activities to the parents and their children with disabilities, and the community, especially to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Most of the services are run solely by volunteers, or professionals. HOME789 is a proud sponsor of CPA and continues to support this organisation through donations and relief efforts in order to provide care for special needs children.



Date: March 2015

Sponsor: Platinum Sponsorship

Foundation: Camp Quality

Event: Fundraiser

Description: Camp Quality supports Children (0-13 years) living with cancer and assist their families in creating a better life by building optimism and resilience throughout each stage of their cancer journey. The programs are Australia-wide. HOME789 has donated a sum of money for Camp Quality with the aim to provide a better life for Children in need. 







Date: January 2015

Sponsor: Gold Sponsorship 

Foundation: Children Medical Research Institute

Event: Fundraiser


News Article

The Children's Medical Service Research Institute “CMRI” attains HOME789's chief executive officer Walton Chu's highly generous donation.

CMRI will intend to contract the congenital genetic disease or the birth defect, enabling all children to lead a healthy childhood. CMRI see's more and more Asian community member's supporting the cause. Providing aid which can help the CMRI introduce the most advanced equipment, and attracts the world's top scientist's to look at the nature of the childhood disease research.

CMRI thanked HOME789's chief executive officer Walton Chu, regarding his generous donation to CMRI.

HOME789's chief executive officer Walton Chu has intentions of a philanthropist and has a former medicine background.  He stated “You may never know what results come of your contributions, but if you do nothing there will be no result”.

Walton Chu said that before migrating to Australia, he continuously studied the medicine practice, and has been a part of the clinical medical institute in the Nanjing first hospital, although his career path has shifted to pursue commerce. Mr Chu can therefore continually aid or service many charitable organisations.

CMRI is a world leading independent organization, devotes to preventing and controlling the birth defect and disease. The case such as the cancers, epilepsies as well as a series of hereditary diseases.