HOME789 is unique in the Australian real estate market. Our corporate culture is one of both youthfulness and multiculturalism, which makes for a vibrant environment. It is from this energetic base that we create such a dynamic and innovative business model and driven work ethic.

Our friendly team members will treat you with the respect and undivided attention you would expect, from the moment you make contact. They are committed to going above and beyond to ensure the best outcome is met.



The core values of HOME789 revolves around the DNA of our whole business. They define the guiding principles that determine how we conduct our business. By adhering to our company’s core values, as outlined below. We aim to deliver the WOW factor for all clientèle.

Positive actions

Take actions with objectivity, honesty, accountability and fairness – there can be no compromise. Do the right thing by yourself, the company and client.

Customers’ best interests first

This is the driver of our business. We listen, understand, anticipate and respond. Building customer trust is important to our business. We build deep long-term relationships by delivering real value to our customers. As valued advisors, we aim to provide our valued clients with exceptional customer service and support.

Work as one

We collaborate in order to succeed through a group effort. We work together openly, honestly and professionally to achieve exceptional levels of service. As a family we ask for help, and help those when asked. Strong teamwork and a family spirit enables learning and development in a supportive and positive environment.

Think outside the box

Be open to thinking outside of the box, and be the forerunner in presenting practical solutions to our clients. Strive to develop new ideas by consistently challenging and continuously improving the way we do business.

Making a difference together

Be humble in making people smile and building trust with each other, clients and business partners. We earn that trust with our competence, honesty and integrity. 

Value every voice

We respect each other’s similarities and differences. This includes our diverse cultures, religions, traditions and personal values.

Be the best

We consistently look for better ways to do things, with a strong focus on delivering quality and value to customers. We challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious.

Take charge of your own career

We encourage personal development and embrace opportunities. As individuals we take responsibility for our own development. As a firm we are committed to providing growth opportunities for all.

Strive to succeed

Together, we achieve positive and sustainable results for our clients without compromise on quality. We strive for consistently and superior performance.

Driving force to fulfilment

Performing whole-heartedly results in greater achievements and satisfaction. Thus, passion needs to be part of our every action.