HOME789 was first established in 2012 and the logo was based on HOME789's CEO Walton Chu's belief, that the real estate industry is not about selling a property. Rather, it’s about building the trust and representing our clients’ greatest asset to their best advantage. It is about helping clients to attain their dream home and eventually achieve financial freedom.

In addition, Walton recognised that working in real estate often requires long hours with late nights and weekend work. Walton wanted the office to have a warm and welcoming feeling, just like home where our staff members feel calm and collected.

With these thoughts, the HOME789 logo was born.

7 symbolises rise or start, which represents the beginning of a new venture and investment.
8 symbolises growth and development, which represents the building and accumulation of the investment portfolio.
9 symbolises sustainability, which represents the goal of financial freedom and stability in the long term.

Overall, 789 represents the key steps to achieve and maintain financial success through a property portfolio and the red colour symbolises luck within the Asian culture. 

As the business started to prosper and expand overseas, a revitalised logo was required for Asian clients to connect with and easily identify.

In 2014 Walton approached Miss Yiying Lu a skilful logo brand creator, and Mr MD Chai a renowned expert in Feng Shui. In aim to create and re scope the original logo. The HOME789 logo was re-designed with the forethought of long term success of both our company and our valued clients.

The initial idea for the logo came from Walton’s love for Chinese calligraphy and sketched the original ancient logo word “Home” 

The HOME789 logo is based on the Chinese character 家 meaning "home". Housed within this "home" are the numbers 7, 8 and 9 interlinked with each other. The logo consists of three primary colour variations; orange, yellow and blue which when combined gives infinite colour combinations, symbolising live a colourful and vibrant life.

If you look carefully at the top/roof of 家, you will see sycee (yuanbao)   which symbolises the ancient currency used within China throughout the ancient century, and therefore exudes great fortune and prosperity.

With the blessing of the sycee you will build up your financial portfolio step by step, consequently reaching financial freedom with your total earnings. This is the desired goal that everyone aspires to.

HOME789 always strive to improve and this also applies to our logo. In 2016, we changed our logo to red and launched the new version of our impressive logo which was well received by the public. 

Red represents energy, passion and strength. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination and these are some of the qualities in line with HOME789 vision.